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Pictures from our May 2000 show at the Khyber in Philadelphia.

downmf @ the Khyber Damian @ the Khyber Peter and Scott @ the Khyber Janna @ the Khyber

Full color versions of our advertisements. Click on an image for a larger view.

flyer 1

& defined

March 22 2000

flyer 2

w/ airport
site map

Spring, 2000

flyer 3

site-specific monument

March 6 2000

flyer 4

square rug &

March 2 2000

flyer 4

post modern

May 22 2000

Pictures of the band and stuff we have made. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

basement 1998

Pictures by Kat from 1998. Janna, Peter and Scott rock the cave like a young Wizzard. Scott's playing so hard, his arm is just a blur. Damian is playing so hard he is not pictured.

promo 1996

1996 promotional photo by Kathy Widdis, depicting the band looking pensive on the steps of the Lansing Natatorium. At least we're not standing by a tree or against a brick wall. What the hell are Pat and Brian doing way back there?

Zoots 1996

1996 photo by Doug Coomee of downmf at Zoot's Cafe in Detroit, where the bands get paid progressively less each time they play. We stopped after getting $5 for opening for New Zealand's own Roy Montgomery. Roy played some songs he described as "advanced." Put on your sweater!

recording 1995

Scott and Pat enjoy a quiet 1995 moment while recording "Trickle Down" for the All Stars compilation lp. Seconds after this picture was taken, Scott broke the xylophone over Pat's head.


Four turntables spelling out d-o-w-n (seen here spinning) make up the downmf's sign which greets fans when they come to a show. It looks a lot better than four cd players stacked up ever will.

solid state construction

Process, Process, Process. Here's a shot from the long days it took to glue 500 salvaged circuit boards from the Greater Lansing Junkyard onto the "Solid State" 7" cover.


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