downmf logo links
Band Member Projects
Illovich Peter Hanley's revolutionary blog, photographs, fonts, misc.


Brian Widdis Punk photographer, ex-downmf bass player.
Bossman Graphics "Sonic" Tom Deja's illustration and design site. Tom designed the downmf logo, and is a punk from way back in the record rack.
Chip Chip Porter, former downmf bass player, excellent writer, humorist.
AllMusicGuide Downmf review by Mark Deming, best rock 'n' roll singer in Michigan.
The Weepers Features not only former downmf drummer Pat "Sudsy" Bills but also Scott's guitar teacher, Drew Howard.
Apollo Nine A memorial to the band that featured Soren Davis.
Millenary Featuring Sarah Stollak.
Mark Deming Blog
Barrett Fox ex-Snake River, current animator.
Bantam Rooster ex-Just Say No
Jon Rajkovich art by our keyboard player.
Tim Ford ex-El Smasho
Lime Giants Pat Bills pre-downmf band
The Salt Miners featuring downmf producer Tim Pak
MF's we like:
Wipers One of our fav. bands, and Greg Sage did a great job mastering our last record.
Cobra Verde Cleveland glam rock, best band since Death of Samantha.
Bob and Ray World's sturdliest comedians.
Buster Keaton Official fan club and news site.
AppleSnake Single most powerful force on the planet.