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12/04... downmf recording
Two early versions of downmf's next boffo recording available for download.
Was it mentioned here that Janna and Scott now have a 2 year old boy, Irving Kingsley Sendra and live in Northern New Jersey? That Peter is married and in Temple's Grad school, and that Damian also is studying at Temple and counseling at Drexel? No?
5/02... New 7"/CD released
The Law of Diminishing Returns by downmf is the world's first self-destructing record. It is a two song 7" vinyl record packed in sandpaper, designed to quickly wear away the more you remove it and return it to it's sleeve. Take that, collector scum.

The record contains 2 of downmf's most lovable songs, Brixless, about the Fall sans Brix, and Cessation of Desire, a pleasant little number about the antithesis of passion. The band silkscreened the 4 color covers for all 500 records, which was not fun but turned out nicely.

The record comes with a 7 song bonus CD, which has a bunch of great songs and will last a lot longer than the vinyl.
You can get it from Sturdly records for $8 postpaid.

Send check or cash to:
Scott Sendra
46 Van Ness Terrace
Maplewood, NJ 07040

diminishing returns poster
5/02... returns!
After a 6 month dispute, the official downmf website is back. The dispute all boiled down to a simple dispute over money. The hosting company felt the internet was simply an extension of the capitalist theater, whereas we believed it was something more vaporous, and ducked out of our bill for the past couple years. No sense paying for vapors. But the ignomey of being a band without a site finally weighed on us until we opened the purse and bought a new digital hole to shovel information into. Please hang with us as we update and refresh the site with new stuff.
5/02... Old news moved to old news page.
The old news has gone here.


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