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click on the pictures for sounds from the 1996 downmf cd.

Sleigh bells.The first song on the cd, "Royal Crown", has some sleigh bells, for that Stooges sound that all of us Michigan bands endlessly strive for... 198K.

We sold the old Peavey bass head with the built-in flanger, because it was a Peavey, and you know, well, it was a Peavey. Replaced by a Kustom 200, we had to go fishing through the rack effects for the sound. Here in the "Theme" song, it's just another trick in a long line of tricks... 205K

The three rivet cymbal did not prove to be enough at this point in "Pretty Little", and a little Rocktagon (no picture available) was added. The riveted cymbal is not the one recently broken over drummer Pat's head in an inner-band melee (and no photo is available of that cymbal, or Pat's head)....188K.

This clang is the sound of a folding chair being smacked with a lead pipe by Pat Bills at the tail end of "Non Com." Obviously, this is not the steel chair we used, but rather is a wooden one in our practice space. We wanted to take a picture of the real chair, but couldn't get engineer Tim Pak off it for long enough to set up the shot. This makes a great system sound at 20k!

Coming from the golden age of synths, the Casio PT101 is classic digital sound from before digital sound was cool. In "This Is The Age Of Nostalgia" we used the mandolin button, and I'll be darned if we don't sound like just like Homer and Jethro... 243k.

The Green Ringer is an effect box made by WD which produces octaves on single notes and ring modulation on chords. On Broken Arrow, it makes the lead guitar cut through and jump right out of the mix. Also seen is our Kasino "Little Joe" guitar amp head, 125 watts of pure solid state static...235K

This Kraig cb microphone is the one down mf currently uses. The loss of the originally Chrysler cb microphone in Flint in 1991 is still mourned. At the end of "I'm Straight," you can hear its distinct tone...243k

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