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1/01... New York show Feb. 10th, 2001

Low Fidelity, Songs for Clinical Depression

An authorized Local Culture event promoting nostalgia for that special
form of mental illness known in more progressive times as melancholia.

featuring: DOWNMF (Lansing/Philadelphia)

"The only lo-fi band that I like" - Maximum RocknRoll

"I don't know what's wrong with me, but I really enjoyed this." 
-Hard Attack


"Lo-Fi, Circa 1979," a radio documentary by Steve Zacks. 

Special guests TBA. 

12 pm, Feb. 10: $5  
BYOB (be prepared to suffer humiliation from vigilant straight-edgers)

at Collective: Unconscious
145 Ludlow Street

1/01... New PowerPoint Presentation
A good rock band is like a good corporation: lots of useless meetings. And what livens up a useless meeting like an endless PowerPoint presentation? I don't know. Take a meeting right here.
Many thanks to Roadie Jon Goff for his help make the dream come true.

1/01... Big Gig History
A list of all the shows we've ever played. It's depressing, both the shows, and that I made this list of them.

11/00... New Inventions
A speaker cabinet with 72 4" speakers. Copper toilet bowl float maracas.

8/00... DMF tour of Michigan
A tour of Michigan: The Gold Dollar bar in Detroit with the Witches, and Flint Local 432 in Flint.
Many thanks to Jon Goff for his endless hours of driving, Peter's mom for the Volvo, Chris Fuller and Joel Rash for the gigs, Mom and Dad Sendra for MI lodging, Natalie Attired for Pittsburg lodging, and of course, our many, many fans who turned out to support us.

5/00... DMF plays the Khyber
In typical forward-thinking downmf style, you get your news after it happens. On a stormy Wednesday night in Philadelphia, downmf trundled off downtown to play on an actual stage, outside the friendly confines of the basement. By all reports, things went well. We played with one cool band, Aim of Conrad, and another band. Fan attendance was strong and the ovations deafening.

5/00... Inventions
Crackpot scientist rock band downmf has invented several new gizmos, all of which emit a vaguely smokey odor. The Doorbell Box is a blue sparkly box with 6 independently controlled electric doorbells mounted on it. It is, in a word, loud. A real lease breaker. The 5ft. tall silver "MF" sign, which emits 1600 watts of incandescent light, is a show stopper. The Keysaw, a hacksaw turned instrument, sports dozens of keys and makes a nice jingly sound.

2/00... New Flyers
You'll drive yourself batty driving around Philadelphia trying to find these shows we made flyers for. You'll like it- the venues are...really well hidden. Some might even say...non-existant!...heh heh. And the opening bands...heh heh heh...mere figments of our fevered imaginations.

2/00... downmf fan site spotted on "the internet"
downmfrules! So says one of our numerous (numberless?) fans at this new site we found while combing the "web." While it is a little rough around the edges, we applaud its raw energy and post-modern refabrication of the official downmf web site.

2/00... All Music goes All Crazy over DownmF
Finally, a zine dedicated to telling it like it is. Check our latest review at the All Music Guide. Props to my brothers Tim, Mark D. and Michael for making it happen.

12/99... "My Trend" uploaded
We are now cranking out the songs faster than anytime since the glory years: 1991 and 1996. This one is straight up rock and/or roll. Features the debut of the Danelectro baritone guitar, or, as Peter calls it, "the evil guitar." Download it from our MP3 page.

9/99... The Safecracker Song
Another recording, already breaking our record from last year with our second song in a year! You can get the early mix MP3 on our MP3 page. You'll like it- it's uglier than anything that we've done in a long time, and for once there is more fuzzy guitar than crappy keyboards. Now that we have 3 songs in "the can," we are thinking 7" vinyl release, just to celebrate futility. P.S. Damian is playing the casaba.

8/99... Cessation of Desire
More technology begats new music. DMF has acquired a digital 4 track, and as evidence, there is a new song, Cessation of Desire. This marks Damian's first recorded appearance with the band, and he is playing the claves on the track. Claves are essentially two sticks you strike together. But he plays them with a style and panache almost unheard-of in today's clave community. Available as an MP3 on our new MP3 page.

8/99... Site updates
DMF has added a page of MP3's spanning the band's 9 years not together, relegated the page hyping the CD to the dustbin, and added the page of merchandise for sale.

5/99... Welcome to 1998.
Epic battles with the tutorials are starting to pay off, as the first preview of the upcoming downmf flash site is up and running. See it here...

5/99... Recording underway.
Aside from a relatively minor site update, what is going on at the DMF Stunt Compound? What indeed! Why, at this very moment, I have several hours of raw 4 track tapes to sift through and complete, leading me to the question, why am I updating the site when I could be doing that. Why indeed! And who am I holding this converation with? Ah, stumped you on that one!

4/99 New tools.
Damian has moved his turntables into the practice space. If this doesn't break the lease, nothing will.

2/99... This beat goes on.
Don't let the lack of news worry you- downmf are hard at work protecting your entertainment interests. Several new songs are underdevelopment, new ideas for the stage and new four track recordings are underway.

11/98... downmf adds tone deaf keyboardist.
Forget what was previously said about downmf being a power trio and welcome new band member Damian Elias. Damian is rounding out the patented downmf sound will one finger on the Casio keyboard and the other eight fingers creating miscellaneous sounds and noises. Like a lot of the junk that was on the reco€€€€but never occurred in th€€€€ve venue. Aside from the fact that he is in the band, little is known about Damian, other than that he is totally evil and from hell.

11/98... launched.
In order to serve our loyal fans better, downmf has pruned down the call letters of its official web site to the very catchy "" Along with increased brevity of the address, the site has been gone over, one tedious line of code at a time, and many slight and very slight changes have been made. The storage space on the server has been increased fivefold- look for this larger space to be used by more pictures, more (and longer) song clips, and further nonsense.

11/98... downmf telemetry service mailing list started.
Nothing better to do than discuss downmf? Try the downmf telemetry service. It's one of those free mailing list deals, which is a little cheesy, but if it takes off at all, we'll spring for the premium service and get rid of the ads. To sign up, head here.

10/98... downmf- back for more abuse.
When you think power trio, you think downmf. After a long power outage, the mighty MF are back with another stellar lineup and a few new tricks. Joining long time downmf stalwart and the only surviving original member, Scott Sendra, are new hires Peter Hanley and Janna Gilbert. Peter, or "Peter", as he prefers to be called, was one of the few Illuminati to actually purchase the downmf CD, so it is only fitting that he should fill the vacant drum throne. Peter is a Philadelphia native, and has lived in a squat! Janna hails from Flint and is the third consecutive downmf bass player to learn how to play after joining the band. She's got a black sparkle Silvertone bass and is ready to rock.

10/98.... "Brixless" to appear on new compilation!
The first new downmf song in the past 2 years will appear on a Best Steak House records compilation CD in early 1999. The song is the first to feature the new downmf lineup. The song, recorded at Laundry Room studios on a full four tracks, is an ode to The Fall without Brix.

2/97... downmf parts company
In January of 1997, downmf played it's last show under the classic Scott/ Pat/ Brian (Brad) line up to a standing room only crowd at Sarah and Andrea's house on Milford. Scott has bugged out to Philadelphia, awaiting the deployment of a new downmf while Pat continues on in the realm of the scientific and Brian ingests dangerous lab chemicals back the the fatherland. It's lonely here at the front.


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